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Working with a Recruitment Company


Bridgewater Consultancy are specialists in Civil Engineering recruitment, this means we understand your industry, how your job works and where your skills are most suited for your career moves.  Working with a recruitment company can be the most effective way to find a new job, we understand your job market.  As a professional you should be looking for recruitment advice from an expert that understands your profession and the sector you work in.

Working on your behalf
One of the most valuable aspects working with a recruitment consultant is that they can represent you with the companies that you are interested working for. Most often if you apply to companies directly something on your CV maybe difficult to explain to your future prospective employer. In addition it is difficult to get across your professional appearance and personality. This is where we can help as a recruitment consultants we have a good relationship with the civil engineering consultancies and recruiting managers. We can make a stronger case for you and get the feedback you might not be able to receive when applying directly. Because of the strong relationship we have with the hiring managers we are able to sell you above the other candidates. We can negotiate the best position for you, salary negotiation and long term career goals.

Your CV
We can advise you how to improve your CV and match it to the job description so that your CV is top of the list for viewing and arranging job interviews. We view many CV’s per day and we know exactly what our civil engineering consultancies are seeking and we can pass on this information to you.

Preparing you for interviews
As part of the service we prepare candidates for interviews on a regular basis. Our aim is to organise 2 or 3 interviews for the candidates to give the candidates the best career option. Our job is to ensure we provide the right candidates that meet the job description and personality fit. We know the employer and the recruiting manager, so we can advise you what they are looking for and we can give you tips on how to discuss your CV with the recruiting manager. Together we will prepare a Recruitment Action Plan and work as a team to get you the job you want. We will ask a series of questions to develop a partnership.

Most often prospective employers may take time coming back to us when we have submitted your CV. But rest assured we will inform you as soon as possible. Once we have a decision from the recruiting manager we shall inform you to arrange interview(s) providing you with date and times, company address and the recruiting mangers position and telephone number(s). Once you have attended the interview we would like you to give us feedback. If a job is offered that’s great news! We shall negotiate on your behalf to secure you with the best package.

Moving Forward
Working as a team we are able to guide you, the better we understand your career goals the more likely we are able to help you achieve them. You will attend job interviews that are suitable to “your” needs and that you’re interested in and keep us informed at all times. Let us know your current salary or salary expectations and benefits that you desire so that we can discuss this with potential employers. Also, rest assured your CV is private and confidential as is the discussion you have with us regards to the job search so that your current employer will not find out. References will be taken once we have found you a suitable job and with your permission.

Above all we create good relationships with candidates and we enjoy matching the right candidate to the right job. In order to do our job effectively we ask for your co-operation and we shall help you all the way through the recruitment process. We shall keep in touch with you in your new job to see how you are getting on. 

For further information please contact Bridgewater Consultancy we are here to help