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Handing in Your Notice


Congratulations on being offered your new position!

Now its time to hand in your notice. Sometimes this stage can be more “nerve wrecking” than the job interview especially if you’ve been with your company for a long time, however, you have to look at the reasoning “why you are moving companies in the first place”. It will give you the chance to progress you career with another potential organisation. Look at the positives of moving companies and the benefits you will receive with the new company.

Pay rights during your notice period.

You’re entitled to your normal hourly rate during your notice period, as set in your contract of employment, for anytime that you’re;

  • Off sick
  • On holiday
  • Temporarily laid off
  • On maternity and paternity leave.

Preparing your mind “to hand in your notice.”

Try not to feel “guilty” about resigning. Remember the reasons why you have decided to leave. It is likely those reasons are not going to change.

  • Write a letter of resignation (template set up to help you write a resignation letter); keep it short.
  • Arrange a meeting with the manager as soon as possible. Your new company is keen for you to join them. Suggest a coffee with your manager for a private and confidential discussion.
  • Prepare what you are going to say and don’t forget to take your letter of resignation. Don’t leave this on your desk for your manager/colleague to find. This is one letter that will need to be discussed and don’t give it to your manager and go back to your desk!

The meeting

Managers are often shocked and upset to lose good members of staff and they can be unaware when you hand in your notice. Therefore keep the meeting professional and show your appreciation for the company, agree your leaving date and when you will be paid any outstanding wages etc.

The meeting should be straightforward as this shows the manager that your mind is made up. If you show any doubt about your decision it will be picked up on

What to look out for

“Counter offers” – some companies have been known to respond to resignations by matching your salary package. If this happens think about the reasons why you wanted to leave in the first place.

Further help on handing in your notice please call Bridgewater Consultancy. We are here to help.