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Training and Development


Our consultants are either experienced technical recruitment consultants or have an engineering background with a clear understanding of civil and structural engineering, design projects and management.

As a company we focus on the newest developments in candidate assessment methodology and recruitment products available. We deliver high quality solutions to tight deadlines and specialise in providing an objective and independent assessment of candidates to ensure that the best recruitment decision is made.

We deliver assessment services, candidate assessments, in-depth project analysis, support businesses by improving effectiveness and selecting the best candidates for the vacancies. We also focus on maximising your profits (return of investment) by delivering new ideas to your HR and line managers that encourage HR and line managers to make selection decisions easier.

Our consultants follow a 30 step recruitment plan which is an in-depth training programme that our consultants use for selecting the best candidates for our clients.

Our consultants will also take in-depth working references from our candidates to have a better understanding of our candidate’s technical experience, management/business skills and communication. With permission from our candidates we pass on the references to our clients.

At Bridgewater Consultancy we help you to make quality selections decisions and establish the environment, rewards, and recognition that will help you to retain staff and ensure they are effective.

We offer:
•    Management Consultancy (managing departments for cost effective recruitment services).
•    Behavioural interviewing
•    Recruitment & Selection
•    Personal Development
•    Presentation Skills
•    Negotiating Skills

For further help please contact Bridgewater Consultancy