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Managed Advertising


At Bridgewater Consultancy we understand the difficulties of recruitment which is why we aim to stand out and provide a good service, pay close attention to detail and have a strong focus on quality. We continuously provide recruitment solutions to our clients, a high proportion of which experience recruitment difficulties where we work with the client to overcome this.

Bridgewater Consultancy offers its clients:
•    Permanent Recruitment
•    Interim/fixed term recruitment
•    Executive search and selection
•    Flexible terms and conditions with rebate
•    Database of candidates

Bridgewater Consultancy looks to build long term relationships, every client can take advantage of:
•    Trained recruitment consultant in civil engineering
•    First interview carried out by us to save you time and effort.
•    A full information profile for each candidate.

We also offer retained services and we can manage the advertising campaign for you, saving you time and cost. We target specific talented candidates that and as highly experienced recruiters we know how to discuss jobs with candidates that are settled in their companies. We can help with any standard contingency recruitment so contact us and let us do the work for you.

For further help please contact Bridgewater Consultancy