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The Clients We Work With


At Bridgewater Consultancy we work with small, medium and large consultancies and contractors. We offer a variety of services and we tailor our services to our clients needs.

Our services range from providing in-depth guidance throughout the whole recruitment process from start to finish, beginning with assistance in writing the job specification, advising on the right candidate, candidate matching, interview techniques, all the way to employment law and contractual issues.

Many of our larger clients have us on their preferred suppliers list.

We have a different way of working with our clients that allows us to build deep trust based partnerships. It is based on powerful and pragmatic principles tested and reinforced over many years of consulting and research. We 'listen and partner' rather than 'analyse and tell'. Above all else;

  • We help engage the people we work with.
  • We believe in partnerships
  • We think long-term solutions are the best solutions
  • We are professional

For further help please contact Bridgewater Consultancy