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Bridgewater Consultancy Database


Bridgewater Consultancy has tens of thousands of candidates on their database specialising in civil and structural engineering. With such a vast network and experience within the industry we are able to offer our clients and potential client’s graduates with some experience through to senior management within technical engineering in the shortest possible time and with the least amount of fuss.

Taking the Job Order
Taking the job order is the key to successful recruitment. Our consultants are trained in house and by training professionals such as REC (Recruitment Employment Confederation) on how to obtain a full understanding of the job. This information includes finding about our clients ethics and personality fit, the job itself and the types of projects our clients work on, estimated cost of the project(to measure the size of the project) and the full benefits package. We shall ask about their previous recruitment efforts and their interviewing procedures and preferences
including confidentiality.

Terms and Conditions
Our consultant will explain the different recruitment methods available which includes database search, retained search, advertising and selection and management consultancy. For a copy of our terms and conditions please call our office on 01204 243440 and speak to one of our consultants or email us.

A realistic timescale will be agreed which suits the HR or Line manager’s diary and allows Bridgewater Consultancy to provide the level of service that our client expects.

Database Search/Candidate gathering
Our candidates are gathered from a variety of sources. We have our own database that has been compiled over 6 years and most of our candidates have been approached following recommendation and referral, we also have a selection of passive candidates on our database. Our candidates are in successful jobs, high achievers who are happy in their job but open to a new opportunity.

To find the right candidate for our clients we search our database by calling our candidates or we check our candidate board for the candidates we have recently interviewed or our job boards. Once we have a selection of candidates we put together a short list.

In-depth Interview
Our consultants are trained to interview candidates and build a good working relationship with the candidates. Our objective is to assess the candidate’s skills and experience. Once we have qualified the candidates that are suitable for the position we shall discuss the potential client and reveal their identity.

We take two working technical references from our candidates.

Presentation of Candidates to Client
Our preference is to report to our client as soon as suitable candidates are available. We supply our client with a CV, consultant’s assessments/notes, reference which may be written or verbal.

First interviews are set up, which maybe at the clients premises, in a neutral location or Bridgewater Consultancy’s premises.

Pre- interviewing Briefing
Candidates are prepared thoroughly for the interview; they will be given a job description, date, time, location and the company address, and the line manager’s details that will be interviewing. The candidates will be advised to research the company; services, projects and how long the company has been established. We shall also ask the candidates to take examples of their projects or business plans to discuss with the line manager.

Our aim is that the client feels satisfied with the candidate’s knowledge of the company so that they can spend time assessing the candidate’s skills and experience and getting to know them personally.

Similar we advise the client before the interview confirming the date, time, and location of interview, candidates name and job position.

Post interview de-briefing
We encourage our candidates to call us immediately after interviews, and we place great importance on relaying candidate feedback to clients as soon as possible following an interview. Interview follow up discussions are detailed and taken with great care and therefore we act immediately to pass on interview feedback to the client.

Further interviews
Most of the times the client will request a second meeting with the candidate(s) to meet another manager or to meet the team this all depends on the clients individual requirements.

Making a job Offer to the candidate
We advise our clients in advance about candidate(s) salary requirements and we advise the client to be prepared to re-negotiate the salary package due to counter offers especially if they are passive candidates.

Helping with Resignation
At Bridgewater consultancy we understand the critical nature of counter offers especially through all the hard work interviewing and getting to know the candidate.  As a standard practice we re-assure the candidate that they are doing the right thing and remind them why they wanted to move in the first place.

Start Date
After the candidate has handed in their resignation we keep in regular contact with both the candidate and client to ensure that the employment contract has been sent and the candidate has signed and returned it to the client. We advise the candidates on what documents to take with them on their first day and what to expect in their first few days.

After care service
We keep regular contact with both client and candidate on a week to week basis in the first month and then on a regular basis to ensure all is well. We regard the connection with our clients as the beginning of a long-term partnership.

For further help please contact Bridgewater Consultancy