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Civil Engineering

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Since 2012 recruiting civil engineers are in higher demand than previous years. There are over 10,000 jobs for civil engineers due to an increase in population, natural resources are drying, waste is piling up and transportation demand takes off. Bridgewater Consultancy works with large organizations, specializing in civil engineering that offers challenging projects and great benefits.

Civil Engineering is supplying energy and clean water to our homes to process and recycle our waste and finding solutions to problems like pollution. It deals with the built environment that encompasses much of what defines modern civilisation. It is about maintaining and adapting the infrastructure that we depend on every day; roads, railways, bridges, energy and water supply, waste and flood defences. Civil engineers keep the infrastructure designs to run effectively and meet today’s population growth, climate change, and natural earth disasters.

All aspects of building a structure fall under the remit of a civil engineer from planning design, budgeting, project management, analysis, and development of
construction of a huge range of projects in the built environment.

Civil Engineering Job Duties
Our clients provide a wide range of duties to their civil engineers. During the early stages of a career job duties will involve taking responsibility for smaller projects, but the size of the projects increase as you gain more experience.

You will have an M-Eng or B-Eng in civil engineering or similar. Some of the engineers will go further and undertake an MSc in project management, structural engineering, construction, or water (flood defence) and so on.

You will undertake feasibility studies and site investigations, infrastructure detailed designs, supervising, tendering procedures and putting together proposals, managing and supervision of contractors, communication with the architects, sub-contractors, contract civil engineers and the client. You will also make amendments to the civil designs by working with the structural, infrastructure, water, geotechnical, traffic, and highways engineers on small and medium size projects resolving design and development problems, managing projects from inception to completion, compiling, checking, and approving reports, reviewing and approving CAD drawing and measurements and calculations.

Other aspects of the role is attend project meetings, adapting all relevant requirements around issues such as environmental regulations, finishing projects on time and within budget and final evaluations.

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